THERMORY® Thermo-treatment is a computer-controlled drying process which is carried out in special kilns at high temperatures. Only steam and heat are used with no chemicals added.

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Heat-treated wood products are made from AB quality timber, from which material with too many knots, splits and shakes, wane and black knots have been sorted out.


Thermo Wood

Thermo-treated wood products from Woodlink UK

Advantages of thermo-treated wood:

The lifetime of wood is extended considerably by heating the wood to 215°C; outstanding dimensional stability and durability can be achieved.



CATAS Thermo-spruce durability. Class 1
CATAS Thermo-ash durablity. Class 1

CATAS Thermo-pine durability. Class 2








Advantages of Thermo-Treated Wood


The benefits of thermo-treated wood are its durability, beauty, dimensional stability, environmental friendliness and quality. In thermo-wood all the warmth, essence and spirit of the ancient wood have been preserved.

Thermo-treatment is a wood treating process in high temperatures in which moisture, bacteria and acids are removed from the wood. The result is wood which has greater resistance against fungal attack, rot and mould. Thermo-treatment provides wood a very long lifetime and dimensional stability.


Today, knowledge of wood processing that is thousands of years old have met modern possibilities of the technology. The era of environmentally friendly thermo-treated wood has commenced.


High-quality raw material for heat treatment is extremely important, because the heat treatment of wood brings out any quality defects in timber.








Heat treatment of wood

It is possible to produce wood, which does not rot or grow mold, and which does not vary in size and is environmentally friendly, only by heat treatment.

Heat treatment is the computer controlled process of wood heating which is carried out in a special chamber at a temperature of 190 to 212 ° C, during which process all the moisture, acids and bacteria in the wood are driven out.

The heat treatment changes the cell structure of the wood - moisture, bacteria, and acids are driven out; wood lacking these is not an environment conducive to the growth of fungus, rot and mildew, and it resists environmental effects significantly better.

The heat treatment process is divided into three phases: heating and drying, heat treatment and cooling.
Depending on the wood heat treatment temperature, the heated wood is divided into classes Thermo-S (S = Stability) and Thermo-D (D = Durability). Of these, the first heat treatment is carried out at a maximum of 193 ° C, which adds stability to the wood (wood shrinkage average 6-8%). Thermo-D, or high sustainability timber is carried out at a temperature of 197-212 ° C. Thermo-D class timber has only an average shrinkage of 5-6%. Unlike untreated wooden constructions this timber does not shrink any more.

The birthplace of the heat-treated wood technique is Finland, where in research conducted in 1990s the impact of high temperature and steam on wood was analysed and it was concluded that heat-treated wood has many advantages as compared to untreated. This manufacturing methodology started in our neighbour country and now practised by more than 55 companies around the world, including Estonia.


Heat treated wood - for floors


The elegance of thermo-treated floors lies in the beauty of the wood structure and in its rich colour palette. The cosiness and warmth of Thermory® floors are brought out with two treatment-levels. Intense-treated floors, like Tango and Step, have high dimensional stability and they can be installed on underfloor heating systems.

Salsa and Manipuri floors, which are Medium-treated floors, are suitable for interiors where bright and golden colours are desired.

Thermory® solid products are sold unfinished, giving each customer the opportunity to choose between various oils and lacquers according to preferences.


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