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The plantations are a mosaic of eucaLyptus® and native tropical forest which were previously agricultural and grazing lands. Over 30% of these plantations are managed as permanent native forest dedicated to environmental protection. Original species native to the area over 100 years ago have been reintroduced into this ecosystem.

Lyptus decking

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Hardwood by its very nature can sometimes be a difficult and demanding material to work with – but it is also beautiful, hard-wearing and very popular.


Lyptus Decking


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Supplying the product suitable for your requirements

At Woodlink UK we offer advice and service to our customers to ensure they are using the product suitable for their requirements. Our flexibility and diversity of product means that our customers do not have to settle for standard products and that we are able to supply the exact grade or specification that they need. Our focus on bringing new, innovative and sustainable products to market means that we are constantly trying to overcome the challenges that our customers face.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality grading process and we work to our customers’ specifications. They get higher quality timber with fewer knots and defects – which cuts down on waste and is more economical for them - and ultimately the planet.


We hope to inspire you to use Lyptus® hardwood in your project


FineWoods (Britain)

In response to the demand for Lyptus® products for the home and kitchen, we have launched Origin eco logic, a range of beautifully made items which are available online or from quality retailers throughout Britain.



Our champagne coolers, bowls, trays, table mats and coasters, chopping blocks and other accessories will grace the most elegant British home and provide a sustainable alternative to other hardwoods currently used.



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Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring

The elegance of thermo-treated floors lies in the beauty of the wood structure and in its rich colour palette. The cosiness and warmth of Thermory® floors are brought out with two treatment-levels. Intense-treated floors, like Tango and Step, have high dimensional stability and they can be installed on underfloor heating systems.


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Hardwood timber

Hardwood timber

The quality of North American hardwoods is second to none and we offer almost every species you might want to work with, including white oak, red oak, tulipwood, ash, hard maple, soft maple, cherry, black walnut, douglas fir, western red cedar.


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Lyptus® decking


Quite simply, Lyptus® is beautiful. The decking product is both durable and elegant. It has a fine grain and a colour that ranges from light salmon to rich cherry. Yet it is also versatile enough to take a wide range of stains and finishes evenly.


Fast-growing eucalyptus trees cultivated on well-managed plantations in South America and harvested to sustainable certification standards, make Lyptus® an environmentally responsible hardwood


Lyptus® decking suppliers

Thermo wood
Thermo wood

Thermo-treatment is a wood treating process in high temperatures in which moisture, bacteria and acids are removed from the wood. The result is wood which has greater resistance against fungal attack, rot and mould. Thermo-treatment provides wood a very long lifetime and dimensional stability.


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