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We have a number of engineered flooring ranges in both white oak, european oak and exotics.
Engineered is a good choice where a solid is impractical (for example due to the use of underfloor heating, or laying onto concrete), and may also be chosen for aesthetic reasons - engineered flooring is often available in wider and longer planks than solid hardwood flooring.


Prime grades of species


Durability & beautiful



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Heat treated wood - for floors


The elegance of thermo-treated floors lies in the beauty of the wood structure and in its rich colour palette. The cosiness and warmth of Thermory® floors are brought out with two treatment-levels. Intense-treated floors, like Tango and Step, have high dimensional stability and they can be installed on underfloor heating systems.

Salsa and Manipuri floors, which are Medium-treated floors, are suitable for interiors where bright and golden colours are desired.

Thermory® solid products are sold unfinished, giving each customer the opportunity to choose between various oils and lacquers according to preferences.


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Quality hardwood flooring

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