Sustainable decking - Lyptus® is chosen for the Monaco Garden at the Chelsea flower show 2011

Monaco Garden decking - Chelsea Flower Show 2011


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Sustainable decking - Lyptus®


Chosen for the Monaco Garden for it's sustainability


Sustainable hardwood deckingLyptus® has been used to form the central deck, fascias to a cantilevered roof and the staircase in the garden. Landscape designer Sarah Eberle said Lyptus® had provided the warmth of colour needed to recreate the Mediterranean environment of the garden.


The garden shows how landscape and architecture can interact to provide sustainable solutions to support high density living, including the use of vertical green walls and planted roofs.


Our sustainable Lyptus® hardwood decking is a prominent feature of the Monaco Garden at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show


Quite simply, Lyptus® is beautiful. The decking product is both durable and elegant. It has a fine grain and a colour that ranges from light salmon to rich cherry. Yet it is also versatile enough to take a wide range of stains and finishes evenly.


Fast-growing eucalyptus trees cultivated on well-managed plantations in South America and harvested to sustainable certification standards, make Lyptus® an environmentally responsible hardwood.


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  We are proud to be the only supplier of the revolutionary sustainable  Lyptus® hardwood decking in the UK.  


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Monaco Garden decking

Monaco Garden decking - Chelsea flower show 2011

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