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Lyptus hardwood decking


Chosen by JWF builders for garden decking in Sutton Coldfield


Garden decking design provides both creative and practical support to transforming your garden. Most clients are looking for inspiration.


Decking has become a very popular medium within contemporary garden design. Timber is a great material to help in overcoming level changes and ground imperfections in the garden. Decking is also very popular for roof terraces probably because its weight is so much lower than paving and looks smart and clean. The melding of materials such as wood, stone and metal within garden design allows garden designers to experiment more with textures, surfaces and colours.



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  We are proud to be the only supplier of the revolutionary Lyptus hardwood decking in the UK.  


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Monaco Garden decking

Monaco Garden decking - Chelsea flower show 2011

Chelsea flower show


Garden decking

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