About Woodlink UK
Suppliers of high quality sustainable timber

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in hardwoods, having worked as quality timber suppliers throughout Europe.


We offer our customers complete peace of mind that we have tried and tested our hardwoods for every purpose they might want to use them.

We have developed a high-quality grading process which results in a higher quality timber with less defects, minimising how much is wasted. Grading all of our timber to a high, clear specification is our speciality - it means consistency with colour and few defects, enabling craftsmen to use an exceptional wood which is normally very difficult to work with.

Woodlink UK has also established close partnerships with very experienced sawmills which enables us to offer sound advice to enhance the value to our customers of the hardwoods we offer. We have extensive storage for wood in the north and south of the country and can deliver anywhere.

We are enthusiastic about wood. We love it. And it is important to us that every customer is so satisfied with the advice and personal service they receive at Woodlink UK that we are top of their list every time.


Quality timber suppliers with a reputation for using new ideas to improve working with traditional hardwoods.


Lyptus Decking


Thermo Wood


Environmentally Responsible
We are very focused on responsibly sourcing our timber and only deal with reputable hardwood companies.

Understanding the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC)

Buying an FSC certified product ensures that you are helping conserve fragile forests, protect endangered species and help local communities. Woodlink UK is fully committed to a program of sourcing its products from FSC certified suppliers and is vetted regularly by the highest standard of independent auditors. FSC is the only certification scheme backed by international NGOs, including WWF.

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